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  1. Hold The Door
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Music and lyrics by Melody Chance
All instruments, mixing, mastering and artwork by Melody Chance at Humber Recording Studios and Melody's Studio

Very special thanks to Aaron Casey, Alyssa Ashlea, Amy Zhang, Andrew Rampersad, Anson Chemac, Michael Sturm and Victoria Yip


The doors of the train are so strong,
Their will isn't one to be bent,
And when they open, they open and then they will close,
Whether or not you get in.

I stand by the doors every day,
Looking out through the dirty window,
Some wait so long, some do not wait at all,
Some want to get on and some don't.

But that's when I saw her running for her life,
Just as the doors were closing,
She wanted so bad to make it on time,
So badly that I could not just stand by,
So badly that I could not just stand by.

So I held out my arm with no fear,
I could see that she was so near,
I held the door for her.

And she stumbled in,
"Thank you, kind gentleman,"
And I replied,
"Any time."