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music and lyrics by mason chance

piano, voice: mason chance
bass: andy ranieri
drums: ben green

flute: sophia smith
violin: andrew dawydchak
clarinet: virginia macdonald

produced by marko stojanovic and viet ho
edited by andrew dawydchak and mason chance
mixed by michele mccormack and mason chance
mastered by ryan luchuck
recorded at humber recording studios
with support from michael sturm and anson chemac
© 2018 mason chance


A cold empty smile right on cue,
Rehearsed out of habit I guess,
We talk for a while but we say the same things,
The same conversations and fights, over again.

A bedroom is right down the hall,
And the people who fill it aren’t home,
yet somehow they talk and they sleep and they clean,
Loneliness comes from within.

The radio tells us a story,
A story we’ve heard far too much,
But the moral’s beyond us, we’ve heard it, we’ve said it,
But apparently just can’t believe.

It’s so easy to diagnose pain,
It’s so easy to tell you you’re broken,
But we’re always surprised when it happens to us, you know,
Loneliness comes from within.

You can take your worn out purse, and fill it with gold,
But until you mend its tears, you’ll still be broke.